Comstock & Son Carpentry


 With over 30 years of experience in carpentry and stone masonry, David Comstock and his son, Joseph, have provided craftsmanship throughout the Upper Valley. Located in Hartland, Vermont, the Comstocks' work can be seen throughout Vermont and New Hampshire. David even built his own house in Hartland, with his wife, Marian, so he knows what it takes to create the kind of home you want to live in. Being an established carpenter in the Upper Valley, David and Joe are willing to take on any project, often seeking the best sources for materials and extra labor needed to provide you with a high quality finished product that can withstand any New England winter. David specializes in custom carpentry and remodeling, while Joseph specializes in custom furniture and builtins. Together David and Joe provide the honest, affordable, and attention to detail for any project you may have. Comstock and Son Construction prides themselves on honest and reliable construction, never cutting corners, and providing the highest quality materials, all while working within your budget.